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The NobelDirect implant was launched in 2004.  It was claimed by Nobel to be simple to use by nonspecialist dentists and to result in essentially no incidence of “bone re-absorption.”  The implant is recommended by Nobel Biocare for placement without the need for a surgical flap, followed by immediate “loading” of the implant.

However, according to allegations in a filed lawsuit, the long, narrow, non-linear tapered design of the implant leads to an excessively high about of marginal bone loss surrounding the implant.

Other legal allegations in the complaint include defective marketing and design of the NobelDirect implants.  According to the complaint, this has caused harm to numerous patients, and the dentists who have had to deal with the injuries caused by these allegedly defective medical devices.

This class has been certified, and this website is sponsored by Court-appointed counsel.

This website provides updates and background information on the current lawsuit pending in federal court in Los Angeles California.  On August 12, 2011, the court certified a class of dentists who comprise:

All dentists in the United States who have purchased any NobelDirect dental implant other than the “NobelDirect Groovy.”

  1. A copy of the complaint is here.
  2. A copy of recent order from the court regarding notice is here.
  3. The court approved class action notice is here.

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